This is where you can achieve more than just a proud physique - We build Mindset

Our facility has been designed to promote total fitness and wellbeing. Total fitness is defined into five main components – physical, mental, emotional, social and nutritional fitness

Spread over 3500 sq ft. offering five unique group exercise classes

Semi private personal training, a fully equipped gym, one to one personal training and a nutrition bar; Mindset is led by an expert coaching team who understand and advocate the importance of mental fitness to motivate, empower and mentor you towards unimaginable results

Fully equipped gym and cardio centre offering full training flexibility

As well as the Mindset classes, your membership provides access to our state of the art gym facility and cardio centre, allowing you to train outside of classes and focus on those goals important to you



We assume you know what boxing is but this is different. We have boxing, functional exercises, circuits, muscular endurance and much more in one session ready for you to smash a workout like no other. This means war.


Think spin and think explosive plyometric work blended perfectly to burn an insane amount of calories, lose stubborn fat and hit the intensity meter hard. Let’s go on a journey.


Enjoy various types of exercises in female led class for females only with the goals of sculpting and shaping. It is Glute-ty time!


If you want to gain muscle, build strength and lose body fat then this is definitely the class for you. Our sets/reps class utilises various isolation, compound and bodyweight exercises structured to teach you how to properly execute each exercise whilst paying complete attention to your technique and work rate. Even Arnold would be proud.


A hybrid of yoga, meditation, core strength and calisthenics intertwined to have you moving more fluidly like we all naturally should. Reset your mind here.

How do we improve your total fitness?

Social Fitness

Establish friendships in our Asset class and build some muscle with your peers in Sets and Reps class

Mental Fitness

At the forefront of what we do, Mindset will help you improve this. Whether you are in a Setout class pushing yourself to the limit or just becoming mentally stronger in all our workouts we will give you the tools to be a better version of yourself inside and out

Nutritional Fitness

We know that exercise and healthy nutrition work together so we cater to all dietary needs with our nutritious snacks and made to order protein shakes available at the bar

Physical Fitness

All of our classes are expertly designed to provide amazing physical results and we also offer 1:1 personal training and semi-private personal training

Emotional Fitness

Unwind after a long day and meditate in our Reset class or get that aggression out in our Boxset class


Building the best version of you. Develop your physical, mental, emotional, social and nutritional fitness


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