Embarking on a fitness journey often starts with the quest for the perfect gym, a place of work and fun where sweat meets determination and goals are transformed into tangible results.

Across the diverse landscape of the United Kingdom, a myriad of fitness centres beckons, each offering a unique blend of facilities, services, and atmospheres, but those living in Manchester have more to choose from than most.

The Mancunians have a large and active fitness and strength building community, and as such there are scores of top quality gyms in operation to meet their needs.

This article takes you through our picks that are the best of the bunch.

best gym in uk

Top-Rated Gyms In Manchester

1. The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street

Location: Bank House, 2 Faulkner St, Manchester M1 4EH

Renowned for its affordability and accessibility, The Gym Group has multiple branches across Manchester, with Portland Street being the most central. It’s popular for its no-frills approach, offering a wide array of equipment, from cardio machines to free weights, catering to various workout preferences. The 24/7 access is a significant draw for many members, allowing flexibility to fitness enthusiasts. The Gym Group’s straightforward approach and budget-friendly membership options make it a go-to choice for individuals seeking a no-nonsense, functional fitness experience.

2. PureGym Manchester Spinnigfields

Location: 3 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3HF

Similar to The Gym Group, PureGym is known for its budget-friendly membership fees and numerous locations in Manchester, although the Spinningfields venue is the best rated. Offering 24-hour access, it accommodates a wide range of schedules. The gyms are well-equipped with a variety of machines, and free weights, and often have additional amenities like group classes. As one of the best gyms in the UK, PureGym’s affordability and accessibility make it a popular gym membership choice for individuals looking for a no-frills workout environment with the flexibility of extended operating hours.

3. Nuffield Health (Printworks)

Location: The Printworks, 27 Withy Grove, Manchester M4 2BS

In contrast to the budget-oriented gyms, Nuffield Health is included in Manchester’s luxury gyms. It stands out for its high-quality facilities, extensive equipment, and a broader range of services beyond the standard gym offerings. Nuffield Health focuses on holistic health, offering not only top-notch fitness equipment but also health assessments, personal training, physiotherapy, and various classes. Memberships at Nuffield Health might be pricier, but the added services and focus on overall well-being make it an attractive option among expensive gyms for those seeking a more comprehensive approach and qualified personal trainers.

4. Barry’s MCR

Location: 3 Lower Byrom St, Manchester M3 4AP

Barry’s Bootcamp, or just Barry’s, has gained a significant reputation in the UK’s fitness scene. Known for its high-energy, results-driven workouts, it has carved a niche as a premier destination for those seeking an intense and dynamic fitness experience. The signature red-lit fitness studios and enthusiastic instructors create an electrifying atmosphere, setting the stage for their renowned combination of cardiovascular and strength training. Members are drawn to the challenging yet motivating sessions, which incorporate treadmill intervals and floor exercises, all designed to push boundaries and drive exceptional fitness results. The sense of community fostered within Barry’s Bootcamp adds an element of support and camaraderie, making it a top choice for those seeking not just a workout but an exceptional fitness experience.

5. F45

Location: 77 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2BU

F45 has rapidly established itself at multiple locations worldwide, including one in Manchester (and another in Salford). Renowned for its functional training and team-based approach, F45 provides a diverse range of high-intensity workouts within a dynamic, high-energy environment. The “F” in F45 stands for functional training, emphasising movements that support daily activities, while “45” denotes the duration of the classes, typically 45 minutes long. What sets F45 apart is its emphasis on a variety of workouts, ensuring each day brings a new challenge. The workouts, often led by skilled trainers, incorporate elements of circuit training, HIIT, and strength work. Additionally, the supportive group exercise classes enhance the experience, fostering a sense of community, motivation and better mental health among members.

6. zeno Health Club

Location: Angel Gardens, 6 Miller St, Manchester M4 4GL

Zeno Health Club isn’t just a gym around the street corner. It has been making waves in the fitness landscape in Manchester with its unique approach to functional fitness. Made on the theme of boutique gyms, it is tailored for individuals seeking a more personalised and community-oriented training experience. zeno Health Club focuses on functional movement patterns and holistic fitness, offering a range of classes that incorporate strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and mobility work. What sets them apart is their emphasis on individualised attention within a group setting. Their skilled trainers often provide personalised guidance, ensuring members receive tailored support to achieve their fitness goals.

7. TRIB3

Location: 6 John Dalton St, Manchester M2 6JP

TRIB3 has been at the forefront of the UK fitness scene, redefining the gym experience with its fusion of high-intensity workouts, innovative technology, and a sleek, modern environment. The brand’s name derives from its core principles: “Tribes,” representing the community aspect, and “3” symbolising the mind, body, and science of effective training. At TRIB3, the workouts are centred around their signature class format, which combines intense cardio intervals, functional training, and a high-energy atmosphere. What distinguishes TRIB3 is its use of cutting-edge technology, including heart rate monitors, LED lighting, and a bespoke sound system, all choreographed to elevate the workout experience.

best gym in uk

Choosing The Right Gym For Your Fitness Goals

There’s no definite answer to what is the ‘best’ gym in UK. When assessing your fitness goals though, you should align them with Manchester gyms discussed above that cover the sort of specialities that matter most to you.

There’s no point going to a gym full of meat heads if your goal is to lose weight through friendly body conditioning classes, for example.

Here are a few tips based on 3 broad fitness goals:

1. Weight Loss: Opt for gyms offering High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), cardio classes, and nutritional guidance.

2. Muscle Building: Seek gyms with extensive free weights, strength training gym equipment, and trainers specialising in muscle development.

3. General Fitness: Look for versatile gyms offering varied classes, cardio equipment, and a supportive community.

Alongside this, you should think about the gym’s location and its proximity to your home or place of work. Where it is and when it is open will obviously be a huge factor in whether or not you sign up, because you need it to be convenient.

Therefore, think about:

1. Proximity: Choose a gym close to home or work for convenience and to improve the chances of consistency in attendance.

2. Operating Hours: Opt for a gym with flexible hours that suit your schedule, especially if you need early morning or late-night access.

Let’s not forget the financial side of things either.

If we are honest, some gyms are expensive, best suited to those who treat the gym as a second home rather than someone who wants to use it twice a week for 40 minutes.

Fitness doesn’t have to cost the earth and it certainly shouldn’t add any financial strain, so consider:

1. Membership Cost: Look for affordable memberships and additional charges for classes, personal training, or amenities.

2. Commitment Options: Assess short-term versus long-term memberships to match your commitment level and budget.

How To Thrive At The Gym You Choose

Setting realistic goals is paramount because it gives you something to work towards, but also gives you a fair chance of achieving those goals, which leads to a sense of accomplishment.

Focus on:

1. Attainable Goals: Set realistic, specific, and measurable targets to maintain motivation.

2. Progress Tracking: Use apps, journals, or measurements to track progress and celebrate milestones.

Many people do well for the first few months as this is when the most exciting changes happen, but as you hit a plateau it can be difficult to keep going.

Maintain consistency by:

1. Routine Variety: Incorporate different workouts to keep things interesting and prevent monotony. Look for gyms that also have swimming pools.

2. Accountability: Find a workout buddy or join free group classes for motivation and support.

Adding variety and accountability to your routine can help sustain motivation and make workouts enjoyable, increasing the likelihood of consistency for gym-goers in Manchester.

best gym in uk